Improving Your Financial Health

Millions of consumers use high-cost payday loans each year. But there is a better solution. CashPlease®
provides you with access to short-term loans from Peoples Bank of East Tennessee.
If you struggle to pay household bills on time, you may incur pricey late fees and negative impacts to
your credit score. With CashPlease®, you can avoid these damaging consequences and take advantage
of a reasonable solution to meet your current financial needs.

About CashPlease®

When life throws you a curve ball and you need easy access to cash, there's no need to pay ridiculously
high interest rates on payday loans. And forget about getting a cash advance from your credit cards;
you'll be hit with fees on top of the already high interest rate.

Some of the benefits of using CashPlease®:

• Ability to apply for a loan 24/7
• No credit report review*
• Website and app are convenient and easy to use
• Peace of mind in obtaining short-term funds from your trusted financial institution

Loan funds deposited in 24 hours
• “Easy Pay” option deducts repayment automatically from your account

• Reasonable interest rates and fees
• Dramatic savings over payday loan options
• Loan is repaid in 3 installments over 3 months


Maximum loan amount and approval is subject to underwriting and ability-to-repay determinations. Interest rates and fees may vary.